Uncover the Glam

Nourishing Nosh

The type of food one eats can be essential in giving one a head start in the race to dazzling beauty; it’s also the perfect excuse to experiment with new tasty, heart warming treats. Homemade soups are easy to make with any vegetable, and it’s a perfect and simple way to contribute to the ‘five a day’ that nutritionists are constantly referring to.

Keeping up with the recommended two litres of liquids a day is vital for hair, skin and nails, so why not have an energy boosting morning ‘smoothie’, made from banana, milk and honey? Alternatively, a cosy bedtime drink can be made by adding a drop of honey and a slice of lemon to a mug of hot water – it’s delicious but it’s also a great detoxifier.

Tending to your Talons

Nails can undergo real abuse during the winter months, but with so many gorgeous berry nail colours around this season, it’s an ideal time to draw attention to nails. Wearing rubber gloves when doing any housework can help protect nails from hot water and abrasive products.

Also, applying replenishing nail oil once or twice a week will help keep them shiny and strong. Carrying a hand moisturiser around in a handbag will remind women to top up whenever hands feel dry, and therefore with minimum effort women are protecting hands and nails whilst keeping them beautifully soft.

Luscious Locks

Battling with winter’s rain and gusty winds plus the added effects of daily hair drying and straightening, can make hair limp and flyaway. Yet it’s so easy to avoid. Investing in a weekly intensive conditioner will nourish tresses, while drying hair on a medium heat can help avoid extreme temperatures. Chic woollen hats are all the rage this season and perfectly finish off any outfit. They also have the added bonus of protecting hair from harsh weather conditions, giving the perfect excuse to invest in one.