Nail Fungus Remedies

Don’t Bite the Skin Around Your Nails or the Nails

If you bite or pick at the skin around your nails, you could create a tiny opening – which is perfect for germs to enter through. This can mean more infections and nail fungus problems. Keep your fingers out of your mouth and trim your nails with clippers or a fingernail file only. This will minimize the chance that you provide places for the germs to get in through.

Rub Your Nails with Plant Oils

Plant oils are some of the most effective nail fungus remedies available because they are safe for you and they work to kill the fungus. Try using Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil or even Lemongrass Oil – all of which are great nail fungus remedies. Rub it on them twice a day and follow the other remedy suggestions to kill nail fungus and keep your nails beautiful.

Keep Those Shoes On

Don’t go barefoot in public places like gyms, shower areas, bathrooms or other places where your feet could pick up nasty germs. This can make your toenail fungus worse or create it if you don’t already have problems with it. Although this is more of the preventative type of nail fungus remedies, it shouldn’t be over looked.