Gel Nails For Unique Look

Gel nails have become a hit with today’s woman as these are a wonderful way to express one’s persona by the fun wear on the nails. These nail gels usually come in two forms – without light and light cured gels. These are created by a pre chemical gel liquid mix that has to be applied on the nails. After the application, the nails have to be kept under the UV lamp to cure the nails.

The non UV gels do not need any UV light for the cure as there is an additional chemical activator in the form of gel that can be strayed on the nails. These gel nails are similar to the acrylic nails as one can wear French tips, paint them or airbrush them with style. These nails like other nails can be worn according to one’s convenience and mood. You can file these nails in the shape you wish – pearl, round or square and these look absolutely like natural nails. The flexible and thin glossy appearance makes them a big hit among trendy women.

Gel nails are much more superior to the fiber nails too as they require low maintenance and are odor free nails than acrylic nails. Also, unlike the acrylic nails, gel nails do not chip that easily. These are non porous nails that can also protect your nails from mould and fungal infections. You can easily sculpt these nails in the shapes you want to. The wide assortment of colors and types can really give you a lot of options to style up your nails.

These gel nails enhance the look of the nails by giving them a sophisticated and natural look. They come in many forms to get the perfect look for any kind of occasion. You can choose from pastel nail gels, summer nail gels, metallic nail gels, multicolored and many other nail gels for different occasions. These can be made to look even more attractive with the nail art on it. There are a lot of ways by which you can highlight and beautify your nails. Beautiful nail art designs can be made on the nails by adding glitters to the nail paint which can really jazz up the nails. You can also use nail art accessories like 3D nail stickers, rhinestones, acrylic stones, ceramic flowers and crushed shells for the glam look.

Acrylic Nails

Some people actually use the nails to stop themselves from biting their nails. Nail biting is a tough habit to break. Artificial nails are a wonderful deterrent for the habit because the nails are quite strong and nearly impossible to chew. For this reason, many people choose to maintain acrylic nails on a regular basis. Routine maintenance also stuff splitting and breaking of the nails. The bi-weekly maintenance for artificial nails is less trouble than maintaining natural nails.

Beautiful nails sure can be sexy, there’s no denying that. The industry itself is huge, from the products that are sold, to the nail technicians that service the needs of individuals.

Many nail technicians suggest that acrylic nails should be cared for as if they were natural nails. It is a good idea to avoid exposing the nails to water for an extended period of time. The water can seep in between the acrylic and the natural nail, causing damage and possible infection. Wearing rubber gloves when washing dishes is recommended, but aside from that, artificial nail wearers can go about their usual routines without worry, especially if the nails are applied using quality materials.

The acrylic nails that are created by mixing a powder with a liquid. Nail artist literally paint and shape the nails into place using this mixture. The liquid recommended by most professional nail technicians is Ethyl Methacrylate, or EMA. Ethyl Methacrylate is a little more expensive than its alternative, Methyl Methacrylate or MMA. Methyl Methacrylate is commonly used because it is more cost-effective. However, MMA is linked to a number of harmful side effects, including skin irritations and irregular nail growth. Most nail artisans urge customers to choose Ethyl Methacrylate because of its superior quality. Excellent materials and proper nail care insures consumers that their nails will enhance their hands with style and safety.

Once care and maintenance are in place, a regular acrylic nail customer can concentrate on nail color, design and trends. One of the classic nail color combinations is found in the French manicure. This design is simply a natural nail color accompanied by white tips. This is a popular option for many women because the colors compliment any outfit. Some customers are a little more daring and want to play with color. Nail artists create a plethora of designs ranging from stars to teddy bears.

In addition to color, many people choose to add a little sparkle. Nail artists and technicians offer inserts that are imbedded right into the acrylic. Some more exotic choices include tiny gems and stickers that come in a huge range of shapes, designs and colors. A very popular current trend is nail piercing. A nail technician pierces the nail with a piece of jewelry. Doing this on natural nails is virtually impossible so you can see that acrylic nails offer great flexibility.

Nail Art

Nail art is the art of decorating nails with various materials found in the market. It is of Japanese origin, that’s why the most famous nail artists are from Japan. It involves filing nails, painting them either in one color or two colored stripes, but also making draws and images on them.

In some cases women like to follow more complicated ways of nail beauty, such as putting chains, buttons and precious metals on the nails. All these require the efforts of fully trained individuals, so that people will not feel pain.

This whole process has the benefit, that serves the woman’s need to do something about her appearance. However, at the same time and if the creation is successful, it brings feelings of satisfaction and happiness. These feelings become mutual among women who offer their nails for decoration and nail artists, especially those who do nail art as a full-time job.

People who like to take care of women’s nails were very few until recently, but now with the great development of this magnificent art, the number of individuals that get training courses, in many countries of the world, is getting bigger.

Besides the increased popularity of this art, there is also a trend of increased number of relative advertisements. Different materials used for nail decoration and reference to special training schools are shown through TV and other mass media.

For how long nail art will continue to be popular among female population is not certain. Maybe it will be continued for ever, but nobody can tell for sure. Despite weird and not confirmed stories of negative consequences of nail decoration, for the time being, more and more women would like and try to take care of their nails, thinking that this process, is for their own benefit. So it is proper to say that at least for some decades, nail art will still be popular.

Nail Treatment Products Work

A professional nail enamel requires applying three layers of polish: 1) a base coat for good adhesion to the nail plate; 2) a pigmented nail application for cosmetic effects; and 3) a topcoat for preventing nail chipping and the nail polish color from fading. Nail treatment products achieve the same cosmetic effects as the standard nail polish products while adding nutritious ingredients to produce some therapeutic benefit. Since the nutritious ingredients such as silk proteins and calcium are added to the base coat layer and top coat layer, the cosmetic results from middle pigmented layer is as good as the standard nail polish products. The major benefits from the therapeutic system include less nail breakage, strong and health natural nail growth. Some nail care products also help cure nail fungus.

Nailtiques and Rejuvacote are two of those products on the market that beautify the nails and have proven to strength your nails for natural growth. Improvement in the nail and hand condition is noticeable after applying Nailtiques daily for two to three weeks. As the result, your nails will be stronger, and your cuticles will be healthier. Selection of particular Nailtique products is based on condition of your nails: Formula One is general nail growth; Formula Two works for weak and thin nails, and Formula Three for dry nails. Rejuvacote, also called the nail doctor, will heal, cure, strengthen and revitalize your nails. The results are also seen in a few weeks. Nail enamel with Rejuvacote works the same as the standard nail polish products 1) applying a Rejuvacote base coat; 2) applying a nail polish product of your choice for cosmetic results; 3) finally applying a Rejuvacote top coat. The top coat provides nutrition to your nails so it is applied daily for seven days. After seven days, you start it over again after removing all three layers of coats with nail polish removers.