DIY Nail Art Designs

1. Newspaper Nails

This is a design that’s fun and artistic, and very easy to do. Start with nails painted in a light color, such as white, light blue, light pink, or something similar. Allow them to completely dry. Dip your fingernail in rubbing alcohol and then press newspaper to the nail, print side against the nail. Hold it for 20 to 30 seconds and remove the newspaper. The print should have transferred to the nail. After waiting about 1 minute, use a high-quality sealing polish to keep the print on the nail.

2. Glitter Tips

This is an adorable design that can be colorful and glitzy; perfect for a night out. Start by using masking a clear polish over the entire nail. With a glitter brush or your fingertips, apply glitter in any color you choose to only the tips of the nail (the part where the white would be in a French manicure). Allow the nail to completely dry (between 10 and 15 minutes) before applying a sealing polish on top to keep the glitter in place.

3. Lace Nail Art

For this cute design, you’ll need a length of lace that’s wider than your nails are long. Black or darker colors work very well. For each nail, you’ll need to cut a piece of lace that fits perfectly over the nail. Once you’ve gotten the pieces of lace cut, apply a clear polish to one nail at a time and place the lace firmly on top. When you have all the lace pieces placed, apply a sealing polish on top to keep the lace on for a beautiful do it yourself nail art look!

3D Nail Stickers

The 3D stickers can be found in great shapes like animals, fruits, abstracts, and many more and you can buy them based on your preferences and occasion. This is one of the best accessories to dress up your nails and go along with any occasion, whether it’s just a casual day or a party.

There is also an impressive selection of 3D nail stickers studded with Swarovski crystals to give your nails a very exclusive look. The Swarovski crystals have become the hottest fashion now and are used to lend more sophistication and charm to the nails. This is a must have collection for those who wish to enhance their nail beauty with something extraordinary.

High quality 3D stickers are self adhesive and are usually made using super flex rubber and hospital grade adhesives. Some stickers are made by just printing the design on a thin transparent film where the top coating is covered and after a few months you will begin to notice that the glue on the back of the film becomes weak and so does the design printed on the film fades away. This leads to the sticker peeling off faster due to poor quality.

It’s therefore important to buy your nail art stickers from reputed suppliers where you can be assured of quality. The best would be to buy stickers that are made using rubber resin ink where the ink is pilled with lots of layers to avoid fading. These stickers will also offer a better bonding to the nail as the glue is superior in quality and also the stickers can be fixed on smoothly and strongly to every curve of the nail without them peeling off.

UV Gel Nails

Gels are very popular in Europe especially. Almost 90{c7680ebc20e366cbababc0bc85f43a92874840391864f25a7e0faede42feff92} of nail salons are using them. It is one of the hottest items there for nail technician. UV gel has advantages over their acrylic counterparts. It is lightweight, flexible, clear, odorless and most especially, it has a much more natural-look. Acrylics can yellow over time, but gels will maintain their color because they are not as reactive to other chemicals in the environment. Gel can be applied whether a full overlay or just tip overlays are desired. They can also be formed and shaped to make extensions. Similarly, they can be used to protect the damaged and broken edges of a nail as it grows out.

Having gel enhancements can make nails beautiful and attractive. Yet, it is not an easy thing to do. However, proper knowledge and practice can make the application much easier. Applying gel enhancements or extensions can be learned easily when the proper techniques are used.

First, prepare the nails, and apply tips if you desire to do so. Then, apply a thin coat of gel over the nails, and then cure it. Apply another or second coat of gel, but this time, add the arches this will help to give the nail a natural curve; cure it once more under the UV light. Apply the third coat of gel, adding more arches, then cure again under the light. Now, clean, and shape them accordingly to your preferences, then rub them until they are smooth enough. You can add polish to them or you can apply a gloss coat over them. Achieving a perfect set of nails can be difficult to achieve and maintain, but with gel nails, one can have attractive, beautiful, natural-looking nails in any way they want.

Ugly Yellow Nails

Many people who visit nail salons and spas on a regular basis love to have a perfect set of healthy nails on display. If you go to a very busy salon that is feeling a bit rushed, you may discover that your nail tech did not put a base coat on your nail. Having a base coat actually protects the nail. You only discover this later when you go to remove the remaining bit of polish from your toes or nails and find that underneath there is a yellowish hue. Yuck!

Most people’s first instinct is to cover this up with more polish and that is the wrong thing to do! Your nail needs oxygen, water, etc. It needs to get strong and renew. It cannot do that with more chemical polish on the nail. Keep the nail bed clean and work in a little oil into the cuticles. It doesn’t have to be special oil – use some olive oil from the kitchen pantry and gently work it into your cuticles. This will help the nail bed from drying. Let your nails breathe and in about two days – your nails should be as good as new!

A Restricted Diet can inhibit a Healthy Nail

We discussed using nail polish with no base coat. That is the primary problem with having yellowish, oxygen starved, and weak nails. Another issue is your diet. Yes! What you eat is important for the strength of your hair and nails. Many people on limited calorie diets are limiting their fats too. All the fats! Unfortunately your hair and nails need fatty acids to keep them healthy and strong. Many programs like Weight Watchers encourage their clients to also take an EFA Vitamin to make up for the lack of fat intake during the program. EFA stands for, “Essential, Fatty Acid” and it is also recommended for pregnant women to maintain a good level of fats for the development of the fetus.

Vegetables play a strong role in the health of your nails. Are you eating a lot of pizza with a vodka chaser? A poor diet will show up in the form of acne, weak nails that either tear or break, your hair will fall out faster than normal and your skin overall will have a patchy, dark hue that will suddenly make you run to the store to purchase concealer make-up full of bad things – this results in even more acne. Yikes! So maybe you should listen to Mom and eat your vegetables?

A Healthy Nail Bed for your Toes

Our feet can be overlooked yet we use them every day. Each time you put your foot down, about 5 times your body weight is bearing down on your foot. Wow! My poor feet! Many toxins naturally fall to the base of your feet too. How do you maintain your nails with such activity happening? Just like your nails, using cuticle oil in the nail bed really helps them from being dried out and white. Keeping them free of ingrown toe nails with regular, professional pedicures is a great idea too.

There are many great spas and salons for pedicures. Find one in your town that is strict on their sanitation and uses a base coat. If the technician takes off your polish and you see any indication of yellow, or bad coloring please opt out of using polish and let your toes breathe for a few days to get them strong and healthy again! Your toes will have a healthy nail bed again soon.