Fimo Art Sticks

The creativity in nail art is endless and quite overwhelming. One can select from a wide assortment of nail decorations to suit their occasion – whether it’s hanging out with friends or a special party. Nail decoration accessories range from Fimo fruit pieces to 3D nail stickers, 3D art flowers, 3D ceramic animals, Acrylic stones, dried flowers, crushes shells, glitter powder, glass beads, rhinestones and much more.

Out of the many varieties in nail art accessories, Fimo art sticks are something unique and give a tasteful touch to your nails. You can find Fimo art sticks in beautiful designs and shapes of flowers, christmas tree, butterfly wings, smiley face, bees, cat, fish, duck, dragonfly, ladybug, rose, feather, snowman, pirate, cake and box design. These come in a variety of colors to suit your individual color preference as well.

You can cut the fruit sticks with a blade to get a thickness that you want and create amazing designs on your nails. Fimo art sticks are extremely soft and can be easily cut and stuck on the nails. If you are looking to dress your nails with something unusual, then this is worth trying and you will surely love it.

These art sticks are the perfect accessories for nail salons and nail technicians to delight their clients with and nail schools can get these in bulk too to help students to practise a professional nail art application.

The list of nail art accessories is unlimited and you can create exclusive nail art designs using a combination of any of these. There are new decorations that are always being innovated and there is something to appeal to every person looking out to enhance their nail beauty. Make sure you buy your nail decorations from reputed stores to prevent any nail reactions or problems arising from cheap nail accessories. It is worth spending a little more to get quality products from branded stores than running the risk of losing your money and ruining your nails with substandard products.

Have Pretty Nails

  • Before starting: are your nails even? Do they need to be cut? Do this first unless your nails are extremely hard. If nails are hard do it after the next step.
  • If you use a cuticle remover, apply that then soak hands in warm water for several minutes. Use a sugar or salt scrub during this process but scrub to lightly exfoliate hands.
  • After several minutes dry your hands. Push back the cuticles lightly. Do not apply to much forceful pressure at this point as you can damage this delicate area.If you have and are experienced with a cuticle cutter now is the time to use it. I do not recommend using one on anything except obvious white dead pieces of the cuticle.
  • The next step is to apply a cuticle oil or balm, finish with hand lotion.
  • Once lotions have soaked in you can use a bit of isopropyl alcohol on cotton to remove excess oil from the nail, be sure to avoid the cuticle. You can now apply nail hardeners or nail polish to complete the look.

Nail Care With Aloe Vera

Exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin and stimulate circulation. Lack of hand treatment with exfoliation contributes to rough skin and prevents optimal absorption of your hand cream.

Be mindful of soap. Use a gentle, natural soap that moisturises and cares for your hands and nails.

Nail treatment. Be mindful of your nails! Beautiful hands include well kept and clean nails. Regular nail treatment is recommended. Massage your cuticles with a natural nail cream and they will be moisturised and repaired, resulting in strong, healthy nails and cuticles. Torn cuticles can be painful and are a sign of desperately needed moisture. Use a natural nail care treatment that won’t further de-hydrate your cuticles. One nail problem that requires immediate nail care with anti fungal solution is nail fungus, which can cause nail discolouration and make your nails brittle.

Use a preferably natural hand cream and nail care that is non greasy. The best natural hand cream and nail care creams are designed to make the skin on your hands strong, smooth and soft and not dry them out. Apply morning and night and after hand washing, which contributes to dry skin. Apply using small circular motions on hands, cuticles and nails.

Manicured And Elegant Nails

Then, you want to protect the area around your nails. Your cuticles are the protectors of your nails and you can soften them using various hand creams and even olive oil. Soaking your fingers into a cup of olive oil for 15 minutes or so will help soften all of your skin and make it fresh and young looking. Applying hand creams is also a great way of keeping your cuticles and your hands soft. In fact, keeping your hands smooth and soft adds to the look of lovely nails, so using hand scrubs with beads that have fast micro action will help strip away dead skin cells and keep the skin nearest your nails and all around your hand looking fresh, smooth, and beautiful.

Now that the basics are taken care of, you can begin decorating. Many people enjoy the natural French tipped manicured nails and toes. You can do this yourself at home with white nail polish and gloss top coat. Begin by cutting your nails all down to the same size and then filing them in either a straight across shape or a rounded shape. All your nails should be the same length and filed in the same manner. Jagged edges and uneven nails take away from the beauty. If you prefer long nails, allow them to all grow out and then file them to achieve a consistency. Nothing is more junky than mismatching length of nails.

Now, paint the tips of your nails white in the shape of your choice and then color the entire thing with a shiny top coat. All it to dry and then enjoy your fabulously French-tipped nails.

If you want colors, there are so many to choose from, you will be amazed and giddy. Bright red nails never go out of vogue, and painting your nails red is a good way to have ready nails that match with nearly every outfit. If you like the darker look, black or dark blue polish is also a nice look. Try to avoid white nails or neon colors like hot pink, high lighter yellow, or convict orange. These colors are tacky and do not appeal much to anyone.

Be aware that nail polish comes in a variety of textures. There are the matte shades that often come in pinks and corals, and then the more vibrant satin shades that express reds and purples. The glitter polishes are great for fun nights on the town.