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Gel Nails For Unique Look

Gel nails have become a hit with today’s woman as these are a wonderful way to express one’s persona by the fun wear on the nails. These nail gels usually come in two forms – without light and light cured gels. These are created by a pre chemical gel liquid mix that has to be applied on the nails. After the application, the nails have to be kept under the UV lamp to cure the nails.

The non UV gels do not need any UV light for the cure as there is an additional chemical activator in the form of gel that can be strayed on the nails. These gel nails are similar to the acrylic nails as one can wear French tips, paint them or airbrush them with style. These nails like other nails can be worn according to one’s convenience and mood. You can file these nails in the shape you wish – pearl, round or square and these look absolutely like natural nails. The flexible and thin glossy appearance makes them a big hit among trendy

Acrylic Nails

Some people actually use the nails to stop themselves from biting their nails. Nail biting is a tough habit to break. Artificial nails are a wonderful deterrent for the habit because the nails are quite strong and nearly impossible to chew. For this reason, many people choose to maintain acrylic nails on a regular basis. Routine maintenance also stuff splitting and breaking of the nails. The bi-weekly maintenance for artificial nails is less trouble than maintaining natural nails.

Beautiful nails sure can be sexy, there’s no denying that. The industry itself is huge, from the products that are sold, to the nail technicians that service the needs of individuals.

Many nail technicians suggest that acrylic nails should be cared for as if they were natural nails. It is a good idea to avoid exposing the nails to water for an extended period of time. The water can seep in between the acrylic and the natural nail, causing damage and possible infection. Wearing rubber gloves when washing dishes is recommended, but aside from that, artificial nail wearers can

Nail Art

Nail art is the art of decorating nails with various materials found in the market. It is of Japanese origin, that’s why the most famous nail artists are from Japan. It involves filing nails, painting them either in one color or two colored stripes, but also making draws and images on them.

In some cases women like to follow more complicated ways of nail beauty, such as putting chains, buttons and precious metals on the nails. All these require the efforts of fully trained individuals, so that people will not feel pain.

This whole process has the benefit, that serves the woman’s need to do something about her appearance. However, at the same time and if the creation is successful, it brings feelings of satisfaction and happiness. These feelings become mutual among women who offer their nails for decoration and nail artists, especially those who do nail art as a full-time job.

People who like to take care of women’s nails were very few until recently, but now with the great development of this magnificent art, the number

Nail Treatment Products Work

A professional nail enamel requires applying three layers of polish: 1) a base coat for good adhesion to the nail plate; 2) a pigmented nail application for cosmetic effects; and 3) a topcoat for preventing nail chipping and the nail polish color from fading. Nail treatment products achieve the same cosmetic effects as the standard nail polish products while adding nutritious ingredients to produce some therapeutic benefit. Since the nutritious ingredients such as silk proteins and calcium are added to the base coat layer and top coat layer, the cosmetic results from middle pigmented layer is as good as the standard nail polish products. The major benefits from the therapeutic system include less nail breakage, strong and health natural nail growth. Some nail care products also help cure nail fungus.

Nailtiques and Rejuvacote are two of those products on the market that beautify the nails and have proven to strength your nails for natural growth. Improvement in the nail and hand condition is noticeable after applying Nailtiques daily for two to three weeks. As the result, your nails will be stronger, and your cuticles will be healthier. Selection of particular Nailtique products is based on condition of

Choose Clean Nail Salon

Salons that are committed to offering the safety and well being of your nails should use sterilized tools and they always do it. You need to remember the only thing that will clean and kill germs well are implements that are put into pouches and put into an autoclave. You need to make it sure that the pouches are opened in front of you after starting or just before starting the service for you. If they don’t do it, you should not stop your mouth, just speak up against this.

If you don’t feet safe with salon then it is the best idea to purchase your own nail kit and start your manicure work at home. Many Nail supply products are available in the market and you can easily stock your nails kit with nail files, buffers, clippers, orange sticks, and brushes. But the most technical dislike is that all nail kits are not good or perfect for your home manicure work. In this specific case, you should talk to your nail expert to purchase a perfect kit for you. If you able to clean your kits regularly and able to disinfect them, then you can easily

Apply Nail Polish the Right Way

Step One

When you apply nail polish, you want to make sure that you are starting out with a clean dry nail for your new color to be put on. Remove any old nail polish with a non acetone nail polish remover. This is the healthiest way to do this for your nails.

Step Two

Wash and dry your hands completely. This will remove any excess polish remover and properly prepare for the application process.

Step Three

Dip the brush into the bottle and get a generous amount of product on it. It is a good strategy to cover the entire nail with color with one to two strokes of the brush when you apply nail polish. Doing this will help to keep you from getting color on your skin.

Step Four

Depending on the brand and color that you are using, you will want to apply 1 to 2 layers of color. You will want to allow each layer to dry for a couple of minutes prior to applying the next one.

Step Five

The final step to apply nail polish is to seal in your color with

Nail Fungus Remedies

Don’t Bite the Skin Around Your Nails or the Nails

If you bite or pick at the skin around your nails, you could create a tiny opening – which is perfect for germs to enter through. This can mean more infections and nail fungus problems. Keep your fingers out of your mouth and trim your nails with clippers or a fingernail file only. This will minimize the chance that you provide places for the germs to get in through.

Rub Your Nails with Plant Oils

Plant oils are some of the most effective nail fungus remedies available because they are safe for you and they work to kill the fungus. Try using Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil or even Lemongrass Oil – all of which are great nail fungus remedies. Rub it on them twice a day and follow the other remedy suggestions to kill nail fungus and keep your nails beautiful.

Keep Those Shoes On

Don’t go barefoot in public places like gyms, shower areas, bathrooms or other places where your feet could pick up nasty germs. This can make your toenail fungus worse or create it if you don’t already have

Hottest Nail Art Supplies

The nail art supplies usually include brushes, nail gels, decorative nail supplies to create artistic designs on the nails and many more unique decorative products to highlight nails. Among the many art nail supplies, nail stickers and fimo art canes have become increasingly popular and are available in a wide array of designs, colors, shapes and sizes. One can even opt for 3 dimensional stickers that really add a trendy look to the nails, especially the nail stickers that are embellished with Swarovski crystals. 3D sticker designs such as small flowers, colorful fruits and lady bugs are among the hot sellers and among the fimo art sticks, the butterfly wings, roses, cat shape, bee shape, and many other unique shapes are the hot picks among the youth.

Other nail art supplies also include different collections of nail crystals, rhinestones and acrylic stones that are gaining increased popularity due to the elegant touch they add to the nails. The rhinestones can be found in a number of sizes, colors and shapes and you can take your pick to match with your dress and accessories.

Among the various art nail supplies, 3D flowers are also quite a craze

DIY Nail Art Designs

1. Newspaper Nails

This is a design that’s fun and artistic, and very easy to do. Start with nails painted in a light color, such as white, light blue, light pink, or something similar. Allow them to completely dry. Dip your fingernail in rubbing alcohol and then press newspaper to the nail, print side against the nail. Hold it for 20 to 30 seconds and remove the newspaper. The print should have transferred to the nail. After waiting about 1 minute, use a high-quality sealing polish to keep the print on the nail.

2. Glitter Tips

This is an adorable design that can be colorful and glitzy; perfect for a night out. Start by using masking a clear polish over the entire nail. With a glitter brush or your fingertips, apply glitter in any color you choose to only the tips of the nail (the part where the white would be in a French manicure). Allow the nail to completely dry (between 10 and 15 minutes) before applying a sealing polish on top to keep the glitter in place.

3. Lace Nail Art

For this cute design, you’ll need a length of lace

3D Nail Stickers

The 3D stickers can be found in great shapes like animals, fruits, abstracts, and many more and you can buy them based on your preferences and occasion. This is one of the best accessories to dress up your nails and go along with any occasion, whether it’s just a casual day or a party.

There is also an impressive selection of 3D nail stickers studded with Swarovski crystals to give your nails a very exclusive look. The Swarovski crystals have become the hottest fashion now and are used to lend more sophistication and charm to the nails. This is a must have collection for those who wish to enhance their nail beauty with something extraordinary.

High quality 3D stickers are self adhesive and are usually made using super flex rubber and hospital grade adhesives. Some stickers are made by just printing the design on a thin transparent film where the top coating is covered and after a few months you will begin to notice that the glue on the back of the film becomes weak and so does the design printed on the film fades away. This leads to the sticker peeling off faster due to

UV Gel Nails

Gels are very popular in Europe especially. Almost 90{c7680ebc20e366cbababc0bc85f43a92874840391864f25a7e0faede42feff92} of nail salons are using them. It is one of the hottest items there for nail technician. UV gel has advantages over their acrylic counterparts. It is lightweight, flexible, clear, odorless and most especially, it has a much more natural-look. Acrylics can yellow over time, but gels will maintain their color because they are not as reactive to other chemicals in the environment. Gel can be applied whether a full overlay or just tip overlays are desired. They can also be formed and shaped to make extensions. Similarly, they can be used to protect the damaged and broken edges of a nail as it grows out.

Having gel enhancements can make nails beautiful and attractive. Yet, it is not an easy thing to do. However, proper knowledge and practice can make the application much easier. Applying gel enhancements or extensions can be learned easily when the proper techniques are used.

First, prepare the nails, and apply tips if you desire to do so. Then, apply a thin coat of gel over the nails, and then cure it. Apply another or second coat of gel, but this time,

Ugly Yellow Nails

Many people who visit nail salons and spas on a regular basis love to have a perfect set of healthy nails on display. If you go to a very busy salon that is feeling a bit rushed, you may discover that your nail tech did not put a base coat on your nail. Having a base coat actually protects the nail. You only discover this later when you go to remove the remaining bit of polish from your toes or nails and find that underneath there is a yellowish hue. Yuck!

Most people’s first instinct is to cover this up with more polish and that is the wrong thing to do! Your nail needs oxygen, water, etc. It needs to get strong and renew. It cannot do that with more chemical polish on the nail. Keep the nail bed clean and work in a little oil into the cuticles. It doesn’t have to be special oil – use some olive oil from the kitchen pantry and gently work it into your cuticles. This will help the nail bed from drying. Let your nails breathe and in about two days – your nails should be as good as

Fimo Art Sticks

The creativity in nail art is endless and quite overwhelming. One can select from a wide assortment of nail decorations to suit their occasion – whether it’s hanging out with friends or a special party. Nail decoration accessories range from Fimo fruit pieces to 3D nail stickers, 3D art flowers, 3D ceramic animals, Acrylic stones, dried flowers, crushes shells, glitter powder, glass beads, rhinestones and much more.

Out of the many varieties in nail art accessories, Fimo art sticks are something unique and give a tasteful touch to your nails. You can find Fimo art sticks in beautiful designs and shapes of flowers, christmas tree, butterfly wings, smiley face, bees, cat, fish, duck, dragonfly, ladybug, rose, feather, snowman, pirate, cake and box design. These come in a variety of colors to suit your individual color preference as well.

You can cut the fruit sticks with a blade to get a thickness that you want and create amazing designs on your nails. Fimo art sticks are extremely soft and can be easily cut and stuck on the nails. If you are looking to dress your nails with something unusual, then this is worth trying and you will

Have Pretty Nails

  • Before starting: are your nails even? Do they need to be cut? Do this first unless your nails are extremely hard. If nails are hard do it after the next step.
  • If you use a cuticle remover, apply that then soak hands in warm water for several minutes. Use a sugar or salt scrub during this process but scrub to lightly exfoliate hands.
  • After several minutes dry your hands. Push back the cuticles lightly. Do not apply to much forceful pressure at this point as you can damage this delicate area.If you have and are experienced with a cuticle cutter now is the time to use it. I do not recommend using one on anything except obvious white dead pieces of the cuticle.
  • The next step is to apply a cuticle oil or balm, finish with hand lotion.
  • Once lotions have soaked in you can use a bit of isopropyl alcohol on cotton to remove excess oil from the nail, be sure to avoid the cuticle. You can now apply nail hardeners or nail polish to complete the look.

Nail Care With Aloe Vera

Exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin and stimulate circulation. Lack of hand treatment with exfoliation contributes to rough skin and prevents optimal absorption of your hand cream.

Be mindful of soap. Use a gentle, natural soap that moisturises and cares for your hands and nails.

Nail treatment. Be mindful of your nails! Beautiful hands include well kept and clean nails. Regular nail treatment is recommended. Massage your cuticles with a natural nail cream and they will be moisturised and repaired, resulting in strong, healthy nails and cuticles. Torn cuticles can be painful and are a sign of desperately needed moisture. Use a natural nail care treatment that won’t further de-hydrate your cuticles. One nail problem that requires immediate nail care with anti fungal solution is nail fungus, which can cause nail discolouration and make your nails brittle.

Use a preferably natural hand cream and nail care that is non greasy. The best natural hand cream and nail care creams are designed to make the skin on your hands strong, smooth and soft and not dry them out. Apply morning and night and after hand washing, which contributes to dry skin. Apply using small circular motions

Manicured And Elegant Nails

Then, you want to protect the area around your nails. Your cuticles are the protectors of your nails and you can soften them using various hand creams and even olive oil. Soaking your fingers into a cup of olive oil for 15 minutes or so will help soften all of your skin and make it fresh and young looking. Applying hand creams is also a great way of keeping your cuticles and your hands soft. In fact, keeping your hands smooth and soft adds to the look of lovely nails, so using hand scrubs with beads that have fast micro action will help strip away dead skin cells and keep the skin nearest your nails and all around your hand looking fresh, smooth, and beautiful.

Now that the basics are taken care of, you can begin decorating. Many people enjoy the natural French tipped manicured nails and toes. You can do this yourself at home with white nail polish and gloss top coat. Begin by cutting your nails all down to the same size and then filing them in either a straight across shape or a rounded shape. All your nails should be the same length and

Natural Nail Care Remedies

1. Add a tablespoon of lemon juice in a cup of water and soak your nails in this solution for few minutes. Now wash them with warm water and apply a moisturizer. This is a useful tip to remove stains from your nails.

2. Another useful tip is to massage your nails with cotton dipped in lemon juice and wash them after few minutes. With regular use of this remedy, your nails will become strong and shining.

3. Olive oil is one of the widely used home remedy for a number of beauty tips. To make your nails beautiful and shiny, daily application of olive oil is very useful.

4. Beetroots are rich in calcium and vitamin D. Daily intake of beetroots will make your nails beautiful. Also include other calcium rich foods such as milk.

5. Soak your nails in warm mustard oil for 8-10 minutes. Now rub them gradually so that blood circulation is normal. This should be done daily to make your nails healthy and strong.

6. Do not soak your nails for a long time in any high alkaline content. This will make damage to them.

7. Protect

Find a Good Nail Salon

Not every salon provides you top quality services at affordable rates therefore; a well structured research will only help you to find out quality nail salon that provides top notch quality services to their customers.
One of the best ways to find out the most solid beauty nail shop is, to ask about it with your close friends and relatives.

Of course, they will provide you the most authentic information about the area businesses of your city. Try to observe the nails of people around you. Whenever you see someone with pretty good and healthy nails, ask her that where she has have these nails done? You can take a close look on to the nails of your college mates, co-workers and nails of your friends as well. This will help you a lot to get an idea about nice and decent nail salons of your area.

Another way of finding a nice beauty nail shop is from telephone directory. You can collect contact numbers of all big and famous beauty salons of your area and you can then research on the reputation of these beauty shops by reading the nail salon reviews and rating of

Uncover the Glam

Nourishing Nosh

The type of food one eats can be essential in giving one a head start in the race to dazzling beauty; it’s also the perfect excuse to experiment with new tasty, heart warming treats. Homemade soups are easy to make with any vegetable, and it’s a perfect and simple way to contribute to the ‘five a day’ that nutritionists are constantly referring to.

Keeping up with the recommended two litres of liquids a day is vital for hair, skin and nails, so why not have an energy boosting morning ‘smoothie’, made from banana, milk and honey? Alternatively, a cosy bedtime drink can be made by adding a drop of honey and a slice of lemon to a mug of hot water – it’s delicious but it’s also a great detoxifier.

Tending to your Talons

Nails can undergo real abuse during the winter months, but with so many gorgeous berry nail colours around this season, it’s an ideal time to draw attention to nails. Wearing rubber gloves when doing any housework can help protect nails from hot water and abrasive products.

Also, applying replenishing nail oil once or twice a week will

Remove Acrylic Nails

Lay out several pages of newspaper on your kitchen table to prevent spills. Keep several paper towels close by as well to wipe off nail polish, dry your hands off and put the acrylic nails on as they come off.

Clip your nails as short as possible to make the process easier. Next apply some petroleum jelly to your fingers (except the nails) to prevent your skin from drying out completely during the soaking.

Pour the entire bottle of nail polish remover in a bowl. Warm it up in the microwave to make the process faster and easier. Soak your fingernails for about 15 to 20 minutes. The acrylic nails should start to come apart from your natural nail at this point. Gently peel them back a little and soak longer if they still seem pretty attached. Repeat this process until you can easily peel the entire acrylic nail off. Don’t force it, or you risk ripping your own nail out of the nail bed, which is very painful.